Six ingredient no-bake chocolate fudge covered raisin flapjacks

The day I created this recipe, it was one of those rare super hot days which don’t come around all too often in London. I’d been brainstorming about chocolate fudge covered raisin flapjacks and was really happy with my flapjack mixture (I tested it lots) but I just couldn’t face going anywhere near the oven to bake it. It was just too hot. So I made a couple of tweaks and the result was these insane no-bake chocolate fudge covered raisin flapjacks. Continue reading

Triple chocolate raw frosted brownies

Sometimes when I speak to people about how I’ve changed my diet they become very concerned, and ask me how I can possibly survive without chocolate or comfort food. I like it when this happens, as it gives me a chance to explain that healthy and nutritious food can most certainly tick all the boxes when you’re feeling in need of a pick me up. Continue reading

No-bake five ingredient red velvet brownie bites

These are possibly the most delicious thing I have ever tasted and what’s more, you don’t even need a) an oven and b) a food processor to get involved. AND they only require five ingredients and take just a couple of minutes to make. Mind-blowing stuff huh? Continue reading

Banana and date flapjacks

I used to love those trays of flapjacks they sell in supermarkets, back when I was young and apparently rather naive. You see I always used to think that the tray of flapjacks was the healthier option, because in my head it was just oats and oats are good for you. So it was ok to eat the whole tray, right? Wrong. My world turned upside down when I once looked at the ingredients list – sugar, golden syrup, palm oil, other nasties – not good for you in the slightest. Continue reading

(Builders’ best) black bean brownies

This recipe is totally dedicated to my lovely builders – for the last couple of weeks not only have they worked construction-related miracles in the Hollingsworth household, but they have also doubled up as the most fabulous recipe testers.

In the last fortnight I’ve been working on making the perfect black bean brownie – I can’t tell you how many batches they’ve tried (and, by their own admission, enjoyed). The first time I produced a tray fresh out the oven I spoke nothing of their secret ingredient, and when I confessed (post consumption) what the brownies were made of they were most surprised! To be honest it’s for that reason that I prefer black bean brownies over sweet potato ones – you can’t really taste the beans at all and they just add to the texture and overall deliciousness. Continue reading