Spooky green smoothie

Smoothies are something I’ve loved for years and years, and especially in more recent times I find myself making them more and more as way of having something quick, easy and tasty with loads of fruit, veggies, fibre, healthy fats and basically all the good stuff. I’ve started adding in protein powder too as I’m quite conscious that I need to pack in protein wherever I can, and this is such a good way to do it.

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Peanut butter cup smoothie bowl

I love peanut butter cups and I LOVE smoothie bowls. Quite often if, after the kids have had dinner and I haven’t mustered up the energy to cook something for Mr H and I, I’ll just make us a smoothie bowl and load it up with all the toppings. This smoothie bowl however is one I’d reserve for dessert or a little treat as it’s super duper indulgent and devilishly delicious.

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Coffee banoffee ice cream shake 

I used to drink coffee like it was going out of fashion (which if you ask matcha, it has) back in the days when I was working in finance and Mrs H’s was just a twinkle in my eye. I gave it up before my wedding in December 2014, and although I’m partial to the odd decaf here and there, it wasn’t until the jetlag resulting from visiting Australia with a 6 month baby in tow that I felt it was necessary to get my caffeine on. Continue reading

Greena colada smoothie


Greena colada smoothie

I’m not a big fan of walks in the rain, but I do like a good pina colada. In fact it was the very first cocktail I tried thanks to my Dad – he had a theory that if you give your kids a tiny bit of alcohol from a young age they’re less likely to be lightweights as you’ll have built up their tolerance for alcohol slowly over the years. I don’t think said theory has any scientific backing, although it certainly meant that booze never really became a ‘thing’ for me – I’ve never been a binge drinker, even at university, and these days nine times out of ten I’ll pick a smoothie over a sauvignon blanc. Continue reading

Liver loving beetroot, carrot, apple and celery juice


Liver loving Beetroot carrot apple and celery juice

This little recipe is dedicated to our lovely livers. We often forget about them and make them do things they really don’t like (i.e. process alcohol) but because we can’t see them we rarely stop and think about how they might be feeling. Our livers are often pretty overworked trying to filter and detoxify all the rubbish we send them on a daily basis, so they need a little helping hand every once in a while. It’s worth noting that if we do neglect them too much, we start seeing dark under eye circles, bad skin and we get hit with headaches and crazy tiredness, so it’s definitely best to give our livers a break every once in a while. Continue reading

Green lemonade

You know that phrase ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’? Yeh that one. I just HATE it. Well I don’t hate the original phrase so much, it does make sense and I get the meaning behind it but what I hate is how people change the ending to stupid things. For example, ‘when life gives you lemons, grab the tequila and the salt’ (don’t, because alcohol is a depressant so if life has given you the proverbial lemons i.e. you’ve had a rubbish time then alcohol is probably not the answer) or ‘when life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave the world wondering how you did it’ (firstly that’s just stupid as it’s not even possible and secondly I really doubt the world cares enough to actually be bothered how you performed some sort of citrus magic trick). Continue reading

Mojito mocktail juice

Mojitos used to be my all time favourite cocktail around my late teens or early twenties, when I could afford them anyway, that is until one time when I overdosed on them once at a friends 21st birthday party (there was a free bar). I wasn’t ill or anything, just slightly tipsy and absolutely buzzing off all the sugar, and since then whenever I’ve tried them they’ve just tasted way too sweet.

I still love the combination though of tangy lime and refreshing mint, with just a hint of sweetness, so I’ve created a little mojito juice that is just as tasty and refreshing as the original, but with much less sugar and no alcohol (although you’re welcome to add that back in if you like). Continue reading

Strawberry smoothie shake

One of the best things about British summers are British strawberries. Now I know that there are some amazing strawbs to be tried in other countries too and I’m not disputing that, but by the time they’ve flown or sailed over to British shores, then got themselves into a truck to be transported to our supermarkets, then sat on the shelves until we’ve bought them they just don’t taste so great. I’m also trying to be more of a locavore (that’s someone who eats local produce) for health reasons as well as environmental and sustainability ones too, so when our homegrown gems hit the shelves I’m all over it. Continue reading