Pumpkin spice choc chip cookies

These cookies are potentially the best cookies that autumn has ever seen. I mean they tick all the boxes for me; something warm and gooey out the oven that I can have with a hot drink – tick. Something flavoured with all the best flavours of the season – tick. Oh and chocolate too? TICK TICK TICK. So you can understand why I’m excited to be sharing these cookies with you. They’re so lovely and cosy, spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and with a little lovely hint of pumpkin in there too.

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Nut free after school balls

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that turning up at the school gates without a suitable snack in hand is tantamount to treason when you’re six years old and you’ve just finished a busy day of doing all the things at school. Like many schools these days, Azaria’s school is nut free, and given that she has usually demanded (in a nice way) and devoured (in a messy way) whatever I bring before we’ve even got out of the playground, these balls are the perfect thing to stave off hunger until dinner time and power her through on the walk home from school. Of course when I bring one for her I have to bring one for the boys too, so I end up making quite a lot of these each week, and that’s before I even get a look in!

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Sweet potato mousse

I love a dessert with a hidden ingredient; and sweet potato is one of the best in my opinion. Its natural sweetness really lends itself to sweet recipes, and the texture of it when it’s all cooked and gooey is just so perfect. I am a big chocolate mousse fan, but realised recently that I’d only made it with avocado or banana before and never really experimented beyond that. Well I was missing a trick, so I’m here so that you don’t!

All you need for this delicious little treat is four ingredients, and it’s incredibly easy to whip up too. It really does make for the perfect little weeknight dessert.

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Spooky green smoothie

Smoothies are something I’ve loved for years and years, and especially in more recent times I find myself making them more and more as way of having something quick, easy and tasty with loads of fruit, veggies, fibre, healthy fats and basically all the good stuff. I’ve started adding in protein powder too as I’m quite conscious that I need to pack in protein wherever I can, and this is such a good way to do it.

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Halloween bark

Now anyone who has known me for a while knows that I love a good bark. They are so easy to make, look so pretty and make amazing gifts or table centrepieces at celebrations. Or just scoff it all in one go, you do you of course! I love how gorgeous the chocolate swirls make it and although I’ve added in some festive sprinkles, it looks just as pretty without them.

You can even add in a little colouring (think matcha or turmeric) to the white chocolate to make it look even more spooky! You can really go wild with it and add in all sorts of spooky treats on top!

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Air fryer granola

Granola is probably my desert island item; I’ve always loved putting it on yogurt and fruit bowls, on top of smoothies, or simply eating it on the rocks out of the jar. When we went away this summer we were staying in self catering accommodation, so four bags of granola made their way across the pond with me in my suitcase. I also love giving it away as presents too, it makes the nicest gift, especially if you have a Kilner style jar to pop it in.

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Unicorn yogurt bark

I got big into yogurt bark recently and wanted to create something pretty and fun that looked cute so that kids would love it just as much as adults.

I’m not a fan of food colourings (I know when Buddy’s had them at a kids party or something because he’s even more bonkers than usual) but there are some seriously amazing natural colourings out there if you know what to look for.

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Raspberry yogurt lollies

My favourite breakfast ever is berries and yogurt (with some granola on top) as I just love the creamy smooth yogurt and the tart sweet berries together; it’s just so delicious I could eat it for every meal! Now that it’s summertime (as I write this) I’m experimenting with some delicious new lolly flavours to satisfy my sweet tooth while keeping me hydrated and cool at the same time too. I love how refreshing these are and how fancy they look with the yogurt and berries swirled together. They’re like a parfait in an ice lolly and I’m so here for it.

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Snickers yogurt bark

Snickers is my absolute favourite. I mean whoever thought to combine chunky peanuts with chocolate is a genius, as is the person who thought to freeze yogurt in a sheet and call it yogurt bark. Did you know I love yogurt too? I could just eat a whole sharing pot in one sitting (I mean sometimes I do) I love the lightness, creaminess and texture of it, and of course I love using it in desserts too.

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