Red velvet cupcakes with a  vanilla cream cheese frosting 

I hate wasting food. It makes me so sad when I have to throw stuff away at the end of the week that I make every effort to plan our meals in advance and order all our food online (because going to the supermarket alone with baby H is not the easiest task and going with Mr H in tow always seems to end up with us buying far more than we originally intended).

However each week there are still always items that don’t get used up, or meals that don’t get cooked (sadly more due to a lack of time these days rather than us spontaneously going out) so I do end up with the odd item that needs eating in some way, shape or form. Continue reading

Gingerbread cupcakes with vanilla frosting 

Ginger makes me think of a lot of lovely people;

1) my grandpa, who used to use it by the tonne in his vegetable soups (they were delicious but boy did they make my nose run)

2) my mum, who loves those boxes you get of dark chocolate covered crystallised gingers

3) my dad, who always has a lemon and ginger tea when he comes over and the kettle’s on; and

4) my lovely husband, who also uses it by the shedload when he makes us juices in the morning (yep, he’s a keeper) Continue reading

Black forest chocolate cupcakes

Black Forest chocolate cupcakes

I’ve never been to the Black Forest (apparently it’s in Germany?) but in my head it’s a bit like Katy Perry’s video for California Girls but just full of chocolate gateaux instead of sweets. Imagine it – a whole forest where the trees are made out of chocolate cake with cream and berries on top. So actually I kind of don’t want to go there as I have a feeling I might be a little disappointed.

For me, any cake (or any food for that matter) that involves chocolate, cream and berries is a total winner but of course if, like me, you’ve ditched the gluten, dairy and refined sugar then your traditional Black Forest gateaux is probably off the menu. But before you get too sad let me assure you that these Black Forest cupcakes are equally as creamy, chocolatey and delicious, if not more so.  Continue reading

Carrot cake breakfast muffins 

Carrot cake is a funny old thing isn’t it? It’s like it was way ahead of its time; these days people are putting all sorts of vegetables into their sweet baked goods – courgette, sweet potato, beetroot, you name a vegetable and there is probably a cake recipe that uses it somewhere. Except maybe kale, but I could be wrong – if anyone has any good kale cake recipes do let me know! Continue reading

Banana, blueberry & peanut butter breakfast muffins

Breakfast on the go can be a bit of a struggle at the best of times, even more so if you’re trying to eat healthily while you’re at it. I’ve just about lost count of the number of times I’ve been running out the door and realised I haven’t managed to eat anything yet, which is why I always try to have something on hand which is breakfasty (ie energy boosting and not too sugary) as well as portable (so there goes porridge and chia pudding). Continue reading

Hot cross cupcakes

Easter is a fabulous time when it comes to delicious desserts and sweet treats, and whilst the majority are either chocolate-based and/or egg-shaped, there’s just something so delicious about hot cross buns. I don’t know if it’s because they feel so ‘traditional’ and have been around for so long, but there’s just something so comforting about them. Continue reading