Coffee banoffee ice cream shake 

I used to drink coffee like it was going out of fashion (which if you ask matcha, it has) back in the days when I was working in finance and Mrs H’s was just a twinkle in my eye. I gave it up before my wedding in December 2014, and although I’m partial to the odd decaf here and there, it wasn’t until the jetlag resulting from visiting Australia with a 6 month baby in tow that I felt it was necessary to get my caffeine on. Continue reading

Three ingredient chocolate kiwi pops 

I never quite know what to do with kiwis – I like them, but haven’t yet attempted to put them in a smoothie, or do any sort of baking with them. I guess it’s possible, so am going to add it to my list as I don’t want to have a gaping kiwi-sized hole in my smoothie/dessert recipe repertoire, I just need to have a little think about what to make with them. Continue reading

Three ingredient coconut berry ice lollies

Don’t think me a fraud for calling this a ‘recipe’ as I’m under no illusions that these lollies are potentially the easiest things to make ever! I just thought that they a) look so pretty and b) taste so yummy that I had to share them on the blog with you guys!

I’m a massive fan of coconut water – it’s hydrating, delicious and full of fabulous electrolytes, which makes it one of my favourite drinks right now. I love putting it in my morning smoothies, but recently the weather’s been so lovely I dug out my ice lolly moulds and have been enjoying coconut water lollies pretty much daily. They’re an amazing guilt free snack or dessert, especially if you’re feeling like you need something cooling and refreshing. Continue reading

Chocolate cookie dough ice cream with chocolate fudge sauce 

When I created my chocolate chip cookie dough bites (which if you’ve not made yet then you need to, sharpish) it reminded me how much we used to love Haagen Dazs cookie dough ice cream back in the day (before I ditched the dairy and sacked off the sugar).

I actually had a little bit of a lightbulb moment – I already had the cookie dough, so all I needed to make was the ice cream! Now vegan and sugar free ice cream doesn’t sound in itself too enticing, but you’d be surprised, once you try this you won’t be able to tell it apart from the regular stuff! In fact I actually think it tastes better (biased though we might be) as it’s super creamy and perfectly sweetened, but made with only natural ingredients.  Continue reading

Double chocolate ice lollies 

Summer time in London is just the best. It’s crazy how the temperature can totally shift the vibe of an entire city, but it’s true – people seem happier and more carefree, and everyone makes an effort to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

And with summer in London of course comes ice cream. The tinkling chimes of the capital’s ice cream vans have long been the soundtrack to our summers – they are quite literally the Pied Pipers of the common era, with children (and some adults, ahem Mr H) finding themselves subconsciously gravitating towards the noise in the hope of a Mr Whippy. Continue reading