Chocolate chip pancakes

Shrove Tuesday. I bloody love it. This year will be the 9th year that I host my annual pancake party for my friends and I just can’t wait! For starters I’m a whole lot better at flipping them these days given that baby H demands them most mornings, but also it’s just such a nice tradition to have, hopefully I can carry it on for many more years! Continue reading

Choco banana crumble sandwiches

Sandwiches for me are a bit of a thing of the past – I don’t really eat bread, I try to stay away from butter and I’m kinda fussy about fillings. BUT there’s a new type of sandwich in town – the crumble sandwich.

Now how did this creation come into existence I hear you ask? Well. I love a good crumble topping (it’s the best bit right?) and last time I was baking one I thought to myself ‘why can’t the crumble topping be on the bottom too’? I couldn’t think of any reason why not, so I got thinking and this is the result! Continue reading

Coffee banoffee ice cream shake 

I used to drink coffee like it was going out of fashion (which if you ask matcha, it has) back in the days when I was working in finance and Mrs H’s was just a twinkle in my eye. I gave it up before my wedding in December 2014, and although I’m partial to the odd decaf here and there, it wasn’t until the jetlag resulting from visiting Australia with a 6 month baby in tow that I felt it was necessary to get my caffeine on. Continue reading

Instant mint choc chip mousse

I just love a bit of mint choc chip – it’s sweet but also refreshing with a perfect chocolately crunch –  and for that reason it’s always been one of my favourite flavour combinations. It was definitely my ice cream cone flavour of choice when I was younger, and my tastes don’t seem to have changed very much since! But of course nowadays seeing as I don’t eat dairy or refined sugar the traditional ice cream version tends to be off the cards, so I wanted to create something healthy and guilt free that also combines the minty and chocolatey flavours that seem to go so well together. Continue reading

Six ingredient fig rolls 

I was making my Christmas granola, and as I sprinkled in the figs at the end I realised that in all my time creating healthy recipes I’ve kind of neglected them as a fruit! So this recipe is effectively my apology to all the figs out there, although for all I know, they probably don’t even give a fig. Right then, obligatory fig pun out of the way let’s forget it ever happened and cut to the chase shall we?  Continue reading

Christmas granola

I’ve decided to try and make most of my Christmas presents this year, as I feel like I’m so often just buying people more ‘stuff’ that they may not necessarily want or need and I just wanted to do something a bit more personal.

Plus with baby H around leisurely perusing (be it online or in-store) for thoughtful gifts is pretty much a thing of the past, but on the flip side I do have a lot more time on my hands (during nap times at least) to get creative at home. Continue reading

Blueberry banana bread

It’s not just my love of alliteration that made me want to create this recipe; I really do think that bananas and blueberries are just the perfect pudding pairing (I really do love alliteration). I’ve loved combining them in my breakfast smoothies for a while now as not only do the fruity flavours really work well together, but you also get the amazing antioxidant properties from the blueberries as well as the energy-boosting awesomeness of the bananas. To put it simply, they’re a pretty powerful combo, the Batman and Robin of the the fruit world if you will. Continue reading

Choco-banana-quinoa breakfast sliders


Chocolate banana quinoa breakfast slider pancakes

Breakfast is a magical thing – it has the power to transform something that would usually be classified as a dessert into a totally acceptable main meal. And I’m all about taking advantage of gastronomical norms when it means I get to start my day with something super delicious, a little sweet and potentially (and more often than not) full of cacao and or nut butter.

Continue reading