Peanut butter and raspberry frosted brownies

These were originally meant to just be peanut butter brownies. Baby H went to sleep one day, so I started writing up the recipe, which began with the words ‘peanut butter is my jam’. Then I started thinking about jam, which led me in turn to think about raspberries, at which point I remembered I had some raspberries in the freezer that I needed to use up before I defrosted it. My life is so glam. Then baby H woke up and the PB brownies remained untested and unwritten about, that is until now.

Looking through my old unfinished articles the other day (nap time again) I stumbled across this one and its sad little one liner and realised that I still needed to use up the raspberries and i still hadn’t defrosted the freezer. And that’s the (rather uninteresting) story of how these insanely delicious brownies came into existence. Continue reading


Chewy gooey walnut brownies

The brownie kingdom is much like the peanut butter kingdom – there are two types, and people can be very particular about their preferences. With brownies, in one end of the spectrum you have your chewy gooey and on the other end you’ve got your moist and fudgey. And whilst I’m pretty confident that my ever popular black bean brownies tick the box in terms of the latter, I’ve felt like I needed to create a recipe for the former to complete my brownie portfolio.

Continue reading

Six ingredient no bake Ferrero Rocher flapjacks

Ok, so it’s official – my no bake flapjacks are definitely one hell of a hit with you guys. And for good reason, they honestly taste like they just floated down from heaven and into my mouth. Yum. And as I firmly believe you can’t ever have too much of a good thing, I’ve come up with another amazing variety for you all to drool over (and hopefully try out) that I’m pretty sure will knock your socks off.  Continue reading

Six ingredient no bake peanut butter fudge flapjacks 


My six ingredient no bake chocolate fudge flapjacks have been one of our most popular recipes to date, both on Instagram and among my family and friends; Mr H says they are the ‘best thing ever’ (which coming from a man with such gastronomical experience is quite an accolade), my family (and his) now request them at family gatherings and friends who’ve tried them are similarly obsessed. Continue reading

Raspberry chocolate chip blondies 

You might be familiar with brownies, but have you heard of blondies? If you answered no then I’m about to totally rock your world. This sweet treat is popular in America and typically uses vanilla and brown sugar in place of the cocoa used in traditional brownies, hence the name.

And they’re bloody delicious. Trust me – they’ve been tried and tested – the first time I made them I was so happy with the result that I sent Mr H a picture of them (he was at work at the time) and then magically he managed to get home unusually early that day. He quickly ate his dinner and then sunk three blondies for dessert, before claiming that he’d ‘quite like another one, but that would be a bit piggy’. One day later, they’d all disappeared (he blamed the cat) and a polite request for a second batch  had been made.  Continue reading

Chai, coconut and raspberry porridge slices

I’m a total porridge addict, and Mr H and I always try to sit down together in the mornings at our breakfast bar to enjoy a bowl each of the stuff. It’s such a lovely ritual as it means we get a little bit of quality time first thing just to sit and chat before the craziness of our days begins.

But of course sometimes there are the days where it doesn’t quite work out – he goes for an early morning Crossfit session, I’ve got somewhere to be first thing, we oversleep (oops) – in which case sadly we have to forego our little tradition. But luckily we don’t have to forego our porridge as thanks to this scrumptious recipe what we normally enjoy in a bowl we can enjoy just as much in a (much more portable) square. Phew!  Continue reading

Six ingredient no-bake chocolate fudge covered raisin flapjacks

The day I created this recipe, it was one of those rare super hot days which don’t come around all too often in London. I’d been brainstorming about chocolate fudge covered raisin flapjacks and was really happy with my flapjack mixture (I tested it lots) but I just couldn’t face going anywhere near the oven to bake it. It was just too hot. So I made a couple of tweaks and the result was these insane no-bake chocolate fudge covered raisin flapjacks. Continue reading

Triple chocolate raw frosted brownies

Sometimes when I speak to people about how I’ve changed my diet they become very concerned, and ask me how I can possibly survive without chocolate or comfort food. I like it when this happens, as it gives me a chance to explain that healthy and nutritious food can most certainly tick all the boxes when you’re feeling in need of a pick me up. Continue reading

No-bake five ingredient red velvet brownie bites

These are possibly the most delicious thing I have ever tasted and what’s more, you don’t even need a) an oven and b) a food processor to get involved. AND they only require five ingredients and take just a couple of minutes to make. Mind-blowing stuff huh? Continue reading