Coffee banoffee ice cream shake 

I used to drink coffee like it was going out of fashion (which if you ask matcha, it has) back in the days when I was working in finance and Mrs H’s was just a twinkle in my eye. I gave it up before my wedding in December 2014, and although I’m partial to the odd decaf here and there, it wasn’t until the jetlag resulting from visiting Australia with a 6 month baby in tow that I felt it was necessary to get my caffeine on. Continue reading


Ginger and vanilla sandwich cookies 

These are my new tea-time favourite. There’s just something about the combination of spicy ginger cookies and creamy vanilla filling that equates to the ultimate win in my book, and when combined with a cuppa, well we’re talking maximum 3pm bliss right here.
Oh and can we discuss the unparalleed GENIUS (or should that be genii if we’re being clever – first declension plural love for all my fellow Latin geeks out there) that are cookie sandwiches!? Continue reading

Mushroom avocarbonara

Italian food has to be right up there when it comes to comfort food – I mean what could be more cosy and warming on a chilly winters day than a big old bowl of pasta with a rich, creamy sauce?

You might think that by not eating gluten or dairy that such meals are wholly in my past life, but do not fear, as I have only gone and resurrected the carbonara and given it a delicious healthy makeover. And a much needed one in my opinion, as although I did used to like a plate of spaghetti de temps en temps, carbonara was always just that little bit TOO rich and creamy for my taste buds (and my tummy). Continue reading

Pink velvet vanilla pie 

I’m definitely a girly girl (always have been and I think I always will be) but there comes a time when its a bit weird to be dressed head to toe in shades of fuschia, rose and pastel pink, although apparently that didn’t stop me from doing it at university when frankly I should have known better, but I seem to have grown out of it (and those clothes) now. But pink is still my favourite colour, so these days I just enjoy eating it instead. Although having said that I now have a little daughter (yay!) so I can happily fulfil my pink obsession by living vicariously through her and dressing her in all my favourite shades. I just hope she doesn’t decide to be a tomboy, but right now she’s not even crawling yet let alone making wardrobe selections so I get to choose. Apart from when Mr H dresses her and some rather questionable ensembles get put together, but I digress. Continue reading

Victoria sponge

You can’t really get a more English cake than a Victoria sponge – I mean it’s named after one of our longest serving monarchs, as it became popular in the times of Queen Victoria and has remained in favour ever since. For me it conjures up lovely memories of scoffing my face at afternoon tea and summer picnics in questionable weather (because even if it’s neither warm nor sunny us Brits have a stubborn tendency to don our shorts and flip flops nonetheless and brave the outdoors, all in the name of eating al fresco). Continue reading

Turmeric roasted cauliflower hummus

A few weeks or so after little baby H was born, Mr H and I were having lunch with his sister and she started telling us about this 30 day cleanse she’d been doing, where you basically cut out all gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, grains and legumes for a month and then you supposedly feel awesome (and for some people, lighter) at the end. It’s called Whole30 and it’s really popular in the States and is currently growing momentum this side of the pond too.  Continue reading

Superfood mint choc chip truffles 

I’ve been meaning to make mint choc chip balls for aaaaages, but somehow I never ended up getting round to it. I really don’t know why, they’re such a no brainer – mint plus chocolate equals deliciousness – but better late than never hey!

These make for the perfect post dinner palate cleanser, but I’m not one for being time-ist so I’d say they’re a pretty awesome daytime snack too. The first time I made these I didn’t add any green colouring in, so they ended up being a light brown colour which made me a bit sad if I’m honest as in my opinion minty things ought to be green. So the next time I whacked in some spirulina powder too, thus making my balls not only look the part but making them even more amazing for your body too. Continue reading

Chewy gooey walnut brownies

The brownie kingdom is much like the peanut butter kingdom – there are two types, and people can be very particular about their preferences. With brownies, in one end of the spectrum you have your chewy gooey and on the other end you’ve got your moist and fudgey. And whilst I’m pretty confident that my ever popular black bean brownies tick the box in terms of the latter, I’ve felt like I needed to create a recipe for the former to complete my brownie portfolio.

Continue reading

Six ingredient no bake Ferrero Rocher flapjacks

Ok, so it’s official – my no bake flapjacks are definitely one hell of a hit with you guys. And for good reason, they honestly taste like they just floated down from heaven and into my mouth. Yum. And as I firmly believe you can’t ever have too much of a good thing, I’ve come up with another amazing variety for you all to drool over (and hopefully try out) that I’m pretty sure will knock your socks off.  Continue reading

Instant mint choc chip mousse

I just love a bit of mint choc chip – it’s sweet but also refreshing with a perfect chocolately crunch –  and for that reason it’s always been one of my favourite flavour combinations. It was definitely my ice cream cone flavour of choice when I was younger, and my tastes don’t seem to have changed very much since! But of course nowadays seeing as I don’t eat dairy or refined sugar the traditional ice cream version tends to be off the cards, so I wanted to create something healthy and guilt free that also combines the minty and chocolatey flavours that seem to go so well together. Continue reading