Pineapple and coconut swirl tart

We’re all a bit mad about pineapple in our house, but can you blame us? It’s definitely one of my all time favourite fruits, so much so that we actually have a painting of a pineapple hanging above our dining table. On our last holiday baby H thought that every baby palm tree we came across was in fact a pineapple, and was sadly disappointed when we had to break it to her that they weren’t actually edible. Now I know that palm tree sized pineapples do sound like the ultimate in pineapple amazingness, but I’m pretty sure I’ve found the next best thing! Continue reading

Snowy road

I know you know about rocky road, but what if I told you there was an equally as delicious version that comes out around this time of year? Because I don’t know about you, but I love me a little white chocolate version of anything, and these are just sublime.

In the winter the rocky roads tend to get covered with a little snow you see. Sounds treacherous, but luckily our friends with their glitter vans are usually on the case. But they haven’t made it to my kitchen (guess it would be weird if they did not to mention a bit messy) so my roads are officially snow-covered. Continue reading

Peanut butter brownie cups

Monet had his waterlilies. Mozart his symphonies. And the Spice Girls had ‘Wannabe’. But these are probably my finest work. That’s a big claim to make, I know, especially if you’ve tried my six ingredient chocolate fudge flapjacks, my gooey walnut brownies or my chocolate covered hobnobs. I suppose the beauty of life is that tastes and opinions are subjective, otherwise how boring would that be, but I think you may just agree with me regarding these. Continue reading

Pumpkin spice donuts with a maple cinnamon caramel glaze

Halloween is fast approaching, and with it hoards of children will be getting ready to trick or treat. I don’t know about where you live in my area it goes a bit nuts. As much as I want to keep baby H off the sugar for as long as possible I know that sometimes it just isn’t feasible and I would rather have her have fun (and a good relationship with food) than miss out.  Continue reading

Chocolate pumpkin pie

Last year for Thanksgiving I made my very first pumpkin pie. Not that we’re American or anything, but you know, any excuse to eat dessert. So this year I felt it was time to step it up a notch and give my pumpkin pie a little Mrs H twist. And what could be more ‘me’ than chocolatifying it? One of the things I love most about pumpkin pie is how the pumpkin gives it this amazingly smooth and silky texture, without making it too rich. Continue reading