Cookbook announcement!

When I started sharing recipes on this blog in early 2015, writing a recipe book felt like something way beyond my reach. But, I stuck it on my bucket list anyway, and carried on doing what I loved – creating the yummiest things I could possibly dream up, and sharing them on here. I also shared my photos over on my Instagram account, which started off really as a collage of terribly-lit shots at bad angles taken on an old iPhone, where my audience of lovely followers started to grow. Continue reading


This is another one for my fellow indecisive people out there. When you just love brownies and you just love cookies and you just can’t choose between them. Brookies are the answer. That’s brownies on the bottom, cookies on the top – two times the deliciousness in each heavenly slice. Continue reading

Easter recipe round up

Just a little post from me here, because I suddenly realised that it’s Easter this weekend and whilst there are two sparkly new recipes up on my blog to celebrate the return of everyone’s favourite chocolate-filled four day weekend, there’s lots of other recipes from years gone by that are still bloody awesome but I haven’t managed to remind you about yet. Continue reading

Easter nest cake with chocolate ganache

I love rice Krispy cakes any time of year, but there’s something very Eastery about them indeed. Make them into a nest and chuck some eggs in the middle and you’ve got the perfect easy to make Easter treat. I wanted to give the traditional version a little twist, and when it comes to desserts I’m pretty sure the ‘less is more’ rule doesn’t apply, so I thought I’d make a big old nest filled with the most indulgent chocolate ganache and decorated with homemade chocolate eggs.

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Blueberry smoothie…and a birth story

I wanted to share this recipe with you guys as it’s actually the first thing I had after a gave birth to my newest little addition, baby Buddy, on the 16th of March this year. It was just what I fancied…cool, refreshing, hydrating and packed with iron, perfect for a tired mama who’s just been through the equivalent of a marathon! For anyone wondering how I (or to be precise, Mr H) was able to magic up a smoothie shortly after birth, well, that is the beauty I guess of giving birth at home with all your creature comforts around you. Having had two incredible births, which I can only describe using words like calm, empowering, relaxing, exhilarating and serene, I wanted to share my story on here (as well as this recipe) for anyone who wants to read it. Continue reading

Matcha vanilla cheesecake bites

The other day I saw pictures of myself from 12 years ago pop up on Facebook. I was young (19 years young to be precise), a bit too slim and very tanned. I was mid way through a ‘good’ degree, working towards getting a ‘good’ job. I thought I was on the right path, but when I look at these pictures there was something missing, a little sparkle in my eye that just needed to be ignited.

If you’d have told 19 year old me that 12 years later I’d be doing something completely unrelated to the ‘good’ degree I was working so hard for and making desserts made out of powdered green tea leaves I’d probably have laughed in your face and told you to reread said tea leaves because that couldn’t possibly be true. Continue reading

The ultimate chocolate pancake stack

Pancake day. Despite being a Jewish/atheist household, we go all out for other religion’s festivals, especially when there’s food involved. Christmas? Count us in. Easter? Yes please! And pancake day…hell yes.

Usually we have a pancake party, it’s been going since 2009 I think, or maybe 2010, but it’s definitely a long running tradition and a good one at that. I’m a bit gutted but because of something a little exciting that’s going on I’m not actually hosting said gathering this year for the first year since we started, but I’ll make up for it with lots of delicious pancakes instead!

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Chocolate cookies with a cream cheese filling

We don’t do Valentines Day really. Mr H stopped buying me flowers about 8 years ago because I ‘ just kill them’ (not sure if he’s aware of the irony that they’re kinda dead already once they’ve been pulled out of the ground) and we’re not fans of overpriced set menus in restaurants full of couples who sit there and don’t talk to each other. After all we can just stay at home and not talk to each other instead. Oh and we have a toddler. Continue reading