Raw carrot and walnut cake with cashew cream cheese frosting 

This is most definitely my new favourite cake. It’s very quick to make (as no baking time is needed) but thanks to the carrots it’s really light and moist, unlike some of the other raw cakes I have tried in the past. They can be a bit dense and heavy you see because of all the dates and nuts involved, but not this beauty! It’s perfectly spiced too, with just the right amount of sweetness and the frosting just takes it to ANOTHER LEVEL.  Continue reading


Chocolate peanut butter marble loaf cake 


Marble cake is the indecisive dessert eater’s best friend. I’ve often been struck by the dilemma of which dessert to eat, and when there’s a choice between chocolate and peanut butter I honestly wouldn’t know which way to go – what a tough one! Marble cake also looks super pretty (who could say no to that gorgeous swirly pattern) but I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s really very simple to make! Continue reading

Blueberry banana bread

It’s not just my love of alliteration that made me want to create this recipe; I really do think that bananas and blueberries are just the perfect pudding pairing (I really do love alliteration). I’ve loved combining them in my breakfast smoothies for a while now as not only do the fruity flavours really work well together, but you also get the amazing antioxidant properties from the blueberries as well as the energy-boosting awesomeness of the bananas. To put it simply, they’re a pretty powerful combo, the Batman and Robin of the the fruit world if you will. Continue reading

Peanut butter cup chocolate fudge brownie birthday cake

Peanut butter cup chocolate fudge brownie birthday cake

This year was Mr H’s 31st birthday, which he really wasn’t happy about. Apparently he’s ‘properly’ in his 30s now that his age  doesn’t end in a zero anymore, or at least that was his logic. So as the day approached it became clear that to cheer him up I’d need to feed him something chocolatey, indulgent, rich and delicious, and to get top wife marks it would need to include some peanut butter too.

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Slow cooker sweet potato chocolate fudge cake with chocolate frosting

Baking a cake for someone is just about one of the most fulfilling things you can do in my opinion. Home-baked cakes just taste so much better, I guess because they are made with love instead of additives! I first made this cake for the original Mrs H, who I affectionately refer to as my smother-in-law. She is so loving and kind (and is probably the biggest chocoholic I know after Mr H) so it seemed only right to debut this recipe on her birthday!

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Nine ingredient iced carrot cake

Carrot cake is one of my all time favourite cakes, it always has been. I’m a massive chocoholic, but ever since I was little I could never resist a slice of moist, rich, spiced carrot cake with that delicious cream cheese frosting.

It’s such a random idea for a dessert though isn’t it? I mean I know these days there are sweet potato brownies or  chocolate cakes that count beetroot or courgette among their ingredients, but vegetables hiding in baked goods seems to be a pretty new phenomenon, except for our beloved carrot cake. Not only bloody delicious, but so ahead of its time. And who thought up the idea of cream cheese frosting? Whoever it was, I salute them. Or I used to salute them, these days I’d probably ask them if they’d considered giving up dairy and point them in the direction of my blog. Continue reading

Chocolate (avocado) fudge cake 

For Mr H’s 30th birthday last month I set myself the secret mission of coming up with a healthy, but totally delicious and indulgent chocolate cake. Here at D&H, we whole heartedly believe in the concept of ‘active avoidance’, which means that most of the time we are pretty darn healthy, but we’d never deny ourselves something if our body is totally craving it. Instead, we’d have a little bit of what we fancy, or we’d try and make a healthier version, or (if the situation really commands it) we’d eat the unhealthy version and not let ourselves stress about it, because stress creates toxic hormones which we can definitely do without. Continue reading

Pear, vanilla and ginger cake 

Back in 2014 (I’m late to the game, I know) a video of legendary rapper and producer Rick Ross went viral. When asked about his dramatic weight loss he said;

“I eat pears, and shit like that. Shout out to all the pear”.

Watch it here, it’s amazing. And in tribute, I’ve decided to rap the recipe for my pear, vanilla and ginger cake. Because that’s how I roll.  Continue reading