Chai, coconut and raspberry porridge slices

I’m a total porridge addict, and Mr H and I always try to sit down together in the mornings at our breakfast bar to enjoy a bowl each of the stuff. It’s such a lovely ritual as it means we get a little bit of quality time first thing just to sit and chat before the craziness of our days begins.

But of course sometimes there are the days where it doesn’t quite work out – he goes for an early morning Crossfit session, I’ve got somewhere to be first thing, we oversleep (oops) – in which case sadly we have to forego our little tradition. But luckily we don’t have to forego our porridge as thanks to this scrumptious recipe what we normally enjoy in a bowl we can enjoy just as much in a (much more portable) square. Phew!  Continue reading

Strawberry smoothie shake

One of the best things about British summers are British strawberries. Now I know that there are some amazing strawbs to be tried in other countries too and I’m not disputing that, but by the time they’ve flown or sailed over to British shores, then got themselves into a truck to be transported to our supermarkets, then sat on the shelves until we’ve bought them they just don’t taste so great. I’m also trying to be more of a locavore (that’s someone who eats local produce) for health reasons as well as environmental and sustainability ones too, so when our homegrown gems hit the shelves I’m all over it. Continue reading

Smashed avocado on toast

I have a massive sweet tooth, but there are times (usually after a lot of dessert recipe testing) that my body craves something savoury first thing in the morning. Even if I’m in a massive rush I still make time for breakfast (it’s a cliche but it really is the most important meal of the day) and my favourite go-to savoury brekkie has to be smashed avocado on toast. I don’t even know if this can technically be called a ‘recipe’ because it’s just so simple and quick to make, but it tastes so amazing that I just had to share it with you. Continue reading

Banana, blueberry & peanut butter breakfast muffins

Breakfast on the go can be a bit of a struggle at the best of times, even more so if you’re trying to eat healthily while you’re at it. I’ve just about lost count of the number of times I’ve been running out the door and realised I haven’t managed to eat anything yet, which is why I always try to have something on hand which is breakfasty (ie energy boosting and not too sugary) as well as portable (so there goes porridge and chia pudding). Continue reading

Creamy chocolate quinoa porridge

Porridge, quinoa and cacao have to be three of my favourite things. So when the lovely people at Quinola sent us some of their new quinoa flakes to try, there was no doubt in my mind what I was going to make with them. Not only do I love the taste of quinoa, but it’s high in protein and will keep you full for hours, so it’s a fabulous alternative to oats if you’re looking to spice up your brekkie a little. Plus, almond milk is packed with good fats and cacao is choc-full (pun intended) of antioxidants, so all in all whilst it may look indulgent it’s a wonderfully healthy start to the day! Continue reading

Pimp up your porridge – spiced apple  

Porridge is just the perfect breakfast – it’s so easy and quick to make, great if you’re on a budget, AND it’s super filling and so delicious. I’m totally obsessed with it at the moment – it’s so comforting and nourishing, and a real energy booster.

Some people think of porridge as a bit bland or boring, or that you should only eat it in winter. But a warming breakfast is good for you all year round, and in summer it tastes so good with seasonal fruits like berries and peaches. Continue reading

Peanut butter & jam pancakes 

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love peanut butter – it’s honestly my favourite food ever. So when I found out about peanut flour (which has much less fat than peanut butter but tastes equally as yummy) I was dying to create something delicious with it.

Given that it’s almost pancake day (not that we need an excuse to have pancakes, they’re a bit of a weekend special in our house these days) what could be more perfect than peanut butter pancakes? I’m drooling just thinking about them.  Continue reading

Four ingredient acai bowl

Acai bowls are taking the world by storm – and for very good reason. Give me a breakfast that looks like a sorbet and tastes like a sorbet, but is actually amazingly good for you and well, I’m sold. I’ll admit that here at D&H we are perhaps a little late to the acai bowl party as it seems people have been going mad for these for some time now, but we’re definitely making up for lost time!

Continue reading

Berrylicious baked oats

When it’s chilly outside, I always need something warming to stoke up my little fire in the mornings and keep me going until lunchtime (ok until elevenses maybe). I’m a massive porridge lover, but sometimes it’s nice to spice things up a bit and make something a little different. Continue reading