Coconuts – why we love them

coconuts If we had to take one food to a desert island, it would be coconuts. Although hopefully the desert island in question would already have coconuts growing on luscious palm trees swaying in the wind by a white sandy beach (ahhhh) so we’d get to pick another food, in which case we’d probably choose avocados.

Coconuts are just incredible. Not only can they be worn as brassieres (which, when paired with a fail-safe grass skirt provides the ultimate in Hawaii chic) , but the health benefits are totally other worldly. Coconuts contain lots of good fats, which lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. It has also been suggested that they can curb your appetite and increase fat burning, so could also aid in weight loss. But there’s more. So much more. Coconuts come in many shapes and forms – we’ve listed our faves below as well as our top tips for using them. Continue reading

Vegetable korma

Here at D&HQ we love those days where you search around all your favourite cook books, websites and blogs for some food inspiration. Yesterday we were on the hunt for a delicious vegan curry jam-packed full of yummy vegetables and with a good spicy kick to it. On our inspirational travels we met with Naturally Sassy’s sweet potato and spinach korma, Deliciously Ella’s sweet potato, lentil and coconut curry and a coconut cod curry from Dale Pinnock’s book, The Medicinal Chef. So, having picked out some of our favourite ideas and adding a sprinkle of D&H fairy dust, we have come up with a turbo-charged korma that will keep you craving it for hours!

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