Vegetable korma

Here at D&HQ we love those days where you search around all your favourite cook books, websites and blogs for some food inspiration. Yesterday we were on the hunt for a delicious vegan curry jam-packed full of yummy vegetables and with a good spicy kick to it. On our inspirational travels we met with Naturally Sassy’s sweet potato and spinach korma, Deliciously Ella’s sweet potato, lentil and coconut curry and a coconut cod curry from Dale Pinnock’s book, The Medicinal Chef. So, having picked out some of our favourite ideas and adding a sprinkle of D&H fairy dust, we have come up with a turbo-charged korma that will keep you craving it for hours!

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Bananas – why we love them

Brought to you by Mrs H


When I was younger, I used to love watching the New Adventures of Superman. Partly because Dean Cain was HOT, partly because Teri Hatcher had cool outfits, but mainly because I really identified with Superman’s plight – what kryptonite was to him, bananas were to me. Continue reading