9 ways to stay healthy on a budget

So you’ve pledged your allegiance to the gods of healthy eating, but you’re not looking to sacrifice all your cash. It’s true, healthy eating CAN be expensive, but there are ways to be smart about it. And we are here to show you how! From practised planning to sensible shopping and clever cooking, being a green goddess may require a little more thought, but it’s so worth it! Here are our top tips for staying healthy on a budget.  Continue reading


How to stay healthy on a plane

Here at D&H, we’re a little bit in love with going on holiday. That feeling when you put your out of office on, dust off your bikinis and floaty dresses and stock up on sun cream (at least factor 30 please D&H’ers!). There’s nothing quite like that pre-vacay buzz *Googles last minute sunshine holidays*.

If you’re like us, you might spend the week before you go away scrubbing, exfoliating and pampering yourself to make sure your beach bod is the best it can be. But, stepping onto the tarmac with feet that feel twice their normal size and a tummy that might prompt people to ask when your due date is, you wonder why you even bothered. Add to that the impact that being at 37,000 feet has on your skin, AND the fact that your bowel movements become about as regular as the 153 bus for a week (seriously what is up with that) it’s enough to make a girl burst into tears. Which we have, many a time.

It’s so easy to forget how important it is to stay healthy and look after yourself ON the plane. So put down that gin and tonic, hold the pretzels and listen up, because boy do we have some tips for you… Continue reading

How to stay healthy at a festival 

We can’t believe it’s June already and that summer is finally here! Now although sadly that doesn’t guarantee sunshine here in the UK, it most certainly means one thing – music festivals! If you’re like us, right now you can’t wait to dig out your flowery headpieces and your boho dresses (and probably your wellies too) and soak up some summertime festival vibes. Continue reading

Staying healthy at weddings – survival tips


Before we start let us throw a caveat into the mix – D&H LOVE weddings. We can’t think of anywhere we’d rather be than surrounded by people who are bursting with elation and enjoying that moment so much, it’s just magical. Like Disneyland for adults. On crack. Which is good, because Mr H and I have a lot of recently betrothed friends, and at the moment hardly a month goes by without a delicate pearly-white invitation fluttering in through the letterbox. Continue reading