How to stay healthy at a festival 

We can’t believe it’s June already and that summer is finally here! Now although sadly that doesn’t guarantee sunshine here in the UK, it most certainly means one thing – music festivals! If you’re like us, right now you can’t wait to dig out your flowery headpieces and your boho dresses (and probably your wellies too) and soak up some summertime festival vibes.

But for the health conscious, festivals can be pretty daunting. But fear not lovely D&H’ers –  we’ve done some research and put together our top tips for festival survival.

  • Hydrate! Here’s a formula for you; Alcohol + dancing + heat = dehydration. It’s as simple as that. Most festivals have water bottle filling stations, so make sure to bring your water bottle along. Choose one that is BPA free to avoid any nasties filtering in to your H2O from the plastic. Aim to drink at least two litres per day, you’ll feel so much better for it!

    Hell YES H20!

  • Suss out the healthy food options. Luckily for us heathy folk, the days of festival food being only pizza and burgers are over. PHEW! Most festivals now have stalls where you can get salads, fruit and other healthy options. Make sure you eat plenty of protein and carbohydrates to keep you going as all that dancing burns a whole lot of calories!

Our FAVE spot for a morning green juice at Coachella!

  • Bring snacks. I always carry around a Nakd bar or two in my handbag just in case I need a little boost. Food stall queues can be long and if you’ve managed to angle yourself a great spot right in front of the stage, you don’t want to then have to leave and lose your space if you need something to eat. Carry an energy bar or some nuts or dried fruit (unsweetened) with you – you’ll be glad you did! 
  • Get some vitamin D, but make sure you don’t get burnt! If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to bask in the sunshine while you listen to awesome music. But even if it isn’t sunny you can still burn, so don’t forget to put on your sun cream. Go for a high factor (especially on your face) and if possible keep it organic. Most sun creams have heaps of nasty unpronounceable chemicals hidden in them (read more here), so instead stock up on a natural version (our current fave is Neal’s Yard Remedies‘ Chamomile and Aloe Vera). Oh, and wear a hat – you’ll look cool and there’s less chance of burning if the sun can’t get to your face! Same goes for sunglasses, the bigger the better!

Mrs H all sun creamed up and ready to party!

  • Get some sleep! Festivals are SO tiring! You’re on your feet all day, and partying all night, so try and get some sleep if you can. I take an eye mask and ear plugs with me to festivals (to Mr H’s amusement) but they really do help drown out some of the light and the noise! Sneak back to your tent for an afternoon power nap or try and have a morning lie in – you will feel so much more energised for doing so!

So there you have it – the D&H guide to having the best time ever at festivals and staying healthy while you’re at it. Bring on the music!

Love, D&H xx


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