Staying healthy at weddings – survival tips


Before we start let us throw a caveat into the mix – D&H LOVE weddings. We can’t think of anywhere we’d rather be than surrounded by people who are bursting with elation and enjoying that moment so much, it’s just magical. Like Disneyland for adults. On crack. Which is good, because Mr H and I have a lot of recently betrothed friends, and at the moment hardly a month goes by without a delicate pearly-white invitation fluttering in through the letterbox.

So surely as a wedding guest the only thing I should be worrying about is do I need to buy a new dress or can I get away with one I’ve worn before, right? Wrong. If you’re like me and you’ve revolutionised your diet (I cut out gluten, dairy, sugar and caffeine and have never looked back) or if you’re simply trying to be healthy after digging out last year’s bikinis, well then weddings can be a bit of a metaphorical minefield. Canapes – run! Cocktails – duck! It comes at you from all sides. And don’t even get me started on the invisible ninja wine waiters – “how am I so drunk when I’ve only had one glass? OH”. We’ve all been there, right? Please say yes. Ok phew. WELL here at D&H we’ve collated our favourite tips for surviving wedding season. Here goes;

  1. Bring snacks. Let’s face it – it’s highly unlikely that any wedding breakfast is going to be a raw, plant-based, superfood feast. So our top tip is to come prepared. Make some room in your clutch bag for a snack or two in case of emergency. Then if all else fails, you don’t need to worry about fainting of hunger. Our favourite space-saving nibbles are almonds, medjool dates and Nakd bars. A word to the wise though, stealth mode whilst munching is essential as you don’t want to come across as rude.
  1. Avoid sugary cocktails. That lychee martini might look tempting, and you might even be trying to kid yourself that it’s one of your five-a-day (it’s not) but it’s full of sugar that your body (and blood sugar levels) will not thank you for. And we all know it’s a slippery slope once you’ve had one. Now I’m not advocating teetotality here (is that a word?), but if you are drinking, try and stick to clear spirits (think vodka or gin) with freshly squeezed juice or failing that, opt for a vino.

Make ours a G&T please!

  1. Say no to canapes. This is a hard one for me, as Mr H always manages to position us so that we are standing right in front of the kitchen exit (he is a seasoned canapes guzzler), thus providing us first dibs on the hors d’oeuvres . This is where my willpower comes in to play as I know my body will not thank me if I indulge in any deep fried balls of starch. So I leave Mr H to it (I’ll have to sit next to him for three hours at the table later anyway) and play social butterfly. It will be time for dinner before you know it.
  1. Ask about alternatives. So you’ve survived cocktails, breezed past canapes and now it’s time to sit down for the wedding breakfast. Unless you’ve checked before with the bride or groom beforehand (which I totally endorse) it can be a bit of a lottery as to what you’re going to get. And as with all lotteries, you probably won’t be winning the jackpot. So if you’ve checked the menu and it’s not quite your cup of herbal tea, ask your server for alternatives. I’ve been at weddings where they’ve been able to knock me up a little fruit salad for dessert, or substitute my potatoes for extra veg. They always have extra food, so don’t be bashful, and the worst that can happen is they say no (at which point you can dive under the table with your clutch bag full of snacks).


  1. Get moving. If there’s one thing weddings are good for, it’s dancing. Getting down with your bad self releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which make you happy and chilled. And let’s face it, you probably skipped the gym this morning in favour of the hairdresser. So boogie on down and your body will thank you later.
  1. Don’t stress. This is by far the single most important advice we can give you. If you do choose to indulge, enjoy it! Whilst a slice of wedding cake certainly isn’t going to boost your immune system or give you glowing skin, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, the toxins you produce from stressing about it are far worse for you than any of the ingredients you may have ingested. So if you fancy it, get out your cake fork and channel your inner zen.

So there you have it – weddings sorted. Well apart from which dress to wear, but we’ll leave that in your capable hands.

Love, D&H xx


One thought on “Staying healthy at weddings – survival tips

  1. Love these tips – my friends know how fussy I am so always ask me about the food that I want beforehand (hopefully this shows that they’re sweet and I’m not a crazy food diva!) I’m not a fan of champagne or wine so find it easy to swerve these – my wedding treat is always the sneaky slice of wedding cake eaten on the way home! x

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