Custard tarts

It seems you lot are custard lovers. When I did a little shout out recently asking what things people would like me to ‘healthify’, custard tarts and custard creams were up there. It got me thinking, and off I daydreamed down memory lane remembering all the custard-covered desserts I consumed in my youth. Continue reading

Mint choc cupcakes

Mint + chocolate really is a match made in heaven. Whilst the latter is indulgent, rich, warm and intense, the former is light, refreshing and cool. So it makes sense therefore that by the laws of attraction these two flavours make a very happy pairing.

I created these cupcakes because I’d had a real craving for something of the chocolate and mint variety, but I wasn’t quite sure what. One day, in a moment of clarity, it came to me! How amazing would it be to combine a fudgy chocolate cupcake with some light minty frosting! The perfect juxtaposition if you ask me. Continue reading

Four ingredient chocolate vienetta

Who else used to love a Vienetta? On Friday nights when I was younger, we’d go to my grandparents for dinner, and my grandma would always bring out some kind of dessert, a fruit salad and a Vienetta. It might be considered a little bit 90’s, but you’ve got to admit that the idea is pretty genius. The creamy ice cream, combined with wafer-thin layers or crunchy crispy chocolate just adds a whole extra level of deliciousness.

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Ferrero rocher magnums

When it comes to recipes where I really feel I’ve hit the nail on the head, I get a bit excited sometimes. Having made these, I knew I was onto something, so quickly photographed them (also quickly because it was so hot they were melting and because baby H was losing her patience at not being able to eat them), uploaded my pics and posted a photo on Instagram promising the recipe to you guys that very evening.

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PB & J balls

These guys were a real hit when I posted about them on the gram, and I can totally understand why. PB & J is just the best combo as we all know, and the combination of peanut butter ball with gooey jam oozing out is just too delicious for words. After I’d made these, not only did the online world get super excited but my brother, who I’d taken a care package too after his wife had given birth to my beautiful new niece, stated that they were the best things I’d ever made him. So I figured that was good enough feedback. Continue reading

PB cup stuffed cupcakes with a chocolate mousse frosting

  • Peanut butter cups disappear like you’d never believe in my house. They just vanish. There’s a few people I think are guilty of pinching them when my back is turned, but I don’t like to make accusations, so I thought that perhaps I would hide them instead. I hid them at the back of the fridge…they found them. I hid them in the freezer…they found them. So I decided to hide them IN a chocolate cupcake. They’ll never find them there I thought! Continue reading
  • Brookies

    This is another one for my fellow indecisive people out there. When you just love brownies and you just love cookies and you just can’t choose between them. Brookies are the answer. That’s brownies on the bottom, cookies on the top – two times the deliciousness in each heavenly slice. Continue reading

    Easter recipe round up

    Just a little post from me here, because I suddenly realised that it’s Easter this weekend and whilst there are two sparkly new recipes up on my blog to celebrate the return of everyone’s favourite chocolate-filled four day weekend, there’s lots of other recipes from years gone by that are still bloody awesome but I haven’t managed to remind you about yet. Continue reading