No bake chocolate banoffee pies

Nothing says celebration like a good old dessert. So when the lovely people at Fyffes bananas asked me to create a recipe to celebrate their 130 year anniversary on 20th September I knew just what to make. If you’ve not heard of them, Fyffes have been bringing responsibly sourced bananas into Britain for 130 years now and they supply many of our supermarkets with delicious Fairtrade bananas. They began as a family business, and passing down a love of bananas from generation to generation is totally what they are about. Continue reading

Apple cake with cream cheese frosting

Recently my lovely friend gave me a whole load of delicious apples from the apple tree in her garden. It coincided also with me being sent the most delicious parcel from the lovely people at Nush Foods, which included their new almond ‘cream cheeses’.

As someone who previously used to be a little bit obsessed with cream cheese frosting I knew I had to give a dairy free version a go. Continue reading

Coconut acai balls

Yes you read right. I see acai BOWLS everywhere I go these days, they’re the trendiest breakfast around and despite our climate not being quite ideal for frozen smoothie bowl consumption people are just going mad for them.

But why? What is acai? And how do we even pronounce it? A-say-ee is a superfood from South America, it’s actually a berry that comes from a type of palm tree and it’s totally packed choc a block with antioxidants. Continue reading

White chocolate magnums

Magnums for me send me right back to summer holidays on the beach. Every day after lunch my dad would declare it was ‘about time for an ice cream’ so off we’d trot to the nearest ice cream van or shop and make our selections. It was a very tough decision making process, especially as there were always so many that took our fancy.

Continue reading

Rocky road balls

Rocky road is one of my favourite things ever – the crunchy biscuit, the chewy raisins and all the chocolate – we’re basically talking perfection here. We’re also talking a very indulgent and often sugar-laden dessert but what if I told you that these balls are just as good, if not better!

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Strawberry ice cream

Every year Mr H and I say we are going to go strawberry picking, because let’s face it, nothing beats British strawberries and the concept of being able to secretly stuff our faces with them while no one is watching sort of appealed to us too.

This year we finally made it, and I think it was just at the right time too. Baby H is old enough to understand how to pick them, and it made me very happy teaching her that they actually grow on bushes rather than in boxes in the supermarket. She was in absolute heaven, as was evident from the giggles of excitement and the pink stains all over her top. Continue reading