Rice cake pumpkins

Now that I have kids who are old enough to be into Halloween, we in the Hollingsworth household celebrate in a big way. My children are obsessed and I get it, I mean when else would you ever get to knock on strangers doors, in fancy dress, collecting enough sweets to keep you going until Christmas? And if you’re wondering, no I am not the mum who knocks on all the doors beforehand handing them a healthy treat for them to give back to my kids. Halloween is one of those times I just turn a blind eye and let them go for it. It’s called balance, right?

In the last couple of years, we’ve started a little tradition of holding a Halloween party for Azaria and Buddy’s friends (one day I’m sure Boaz will have some to invite too) and I love planning all the food I’m going to make and getting as inventive as possible. Given that the kids get a whole load of sweets on the trick or treat run then I try to keep it a little less sugar-laden, which is exactly where these pumpkin rice cakes come in.

All you need is your bog standard rice cakes, some peanut butter and a tiny bit of chocolate to melt so they really are such an easy, inexpensive but fancy looking thing to make.


  • rice cakes
  • peanut butter
  • a small amount of dark chocolate (10g per rice cake maximum)

Simply melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan half full with water on a low heat, stirring gently. While you are doing this, spread the peanut butter evenly onto the rice cakes.

Place the chocolate in either a small squeezy bottle, or a piping or sandwich bag with a tiny hole cut at the bottom (the smaller the better as you can always make it bigger) and pipe little triangles for the eyes and nose and a zig zag patterned mouth. Place them in the fridge for ten minutes to allow the chocolate to set then enjoy.

Love, Mrs H xx


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