Spiderweb rice cakes

This one is another one of my Halloween recipes that maybe shouldn’t actually be even called a ‘recipe’ but hey, we’re here now so let’s go with it. Chocolate rice cakes are extremely popular with my kids but this spiderwebs are taking them to an even higher level in my opinion. When I first made these Buddy nicknamed them ‘Spiderman rice cakes’ and now always asks for them because he thinks they might give him special powers.

Now they may not have superhero powers in them but they do have the power to make you look very clever in front of your friends and family. Because whilst they may look jazzy, they are ever so simple to whip up. I’ll stop chatting now and get on with the ‘how’…


  • 6 rice cakes
  • 150g vegan white chocolate
  • 50g dark chocolate

Melt your white and dark chocolate in two bowls, each over a saucepan with two inches of water in on a low heat, stirring gently. Dunk the rice cakes into the white chocolate on one side, repeating the process again to use up any leftover chocolate. Before the white chocolate has set, place the melted dark chocolate into a squeezy bottle, or a piping bag or sandwich bag with a tiny hole cut at the end, and pipe a spiral starting at the middle and going outwards, stopping 1cm before the edge.

With a chopstick, draw lines from the centre of the spiral out towards the edges, going round the rice cake equally distant from each other until you get back to the first line. The chopstick will move the dark chocolate outwards, giving the appearance of a spiderweb. It really is so clever! Place the rice cakes in the fridge for ten minutes to set, then enjoy! Store in an airtight container for upto five days.

Love, Mrs H xx


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