Two ingredient Nutella truffles

Truffles are probably the best chocolates out there, the king of all the confectionary if you will. I’ve always been similarly predisposed to them, I remember Santa bringing me a box of Lindor in m stocking and feeling so sick at Christmas lunch one year because I’d indulged in far too many before we sat down to eat.

I love making my own truffles now, but the easier the better, I don’t often have time for tempering and cooling and all that jazz so these are such an easy option, not too mention incredibly delicious too. All you need is some Nutella, make your own via my recipe I’ve linked below, or buy one in the shops (I’ve tried some lovely palm oil free vegan ones that really hit the spot). That, plus some chocolate is all you need to make these little beauties for yourself.

makes 10-15 truffles


Spoon the ‘nutella’ into chocolate or ice cube moulds (around 1/2 full) then place in the freezer for around four hours to set. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan with two inches of water in on a low heat, then remove from the heat.

Remove the frozen nutella from the moulds and dunk them one by one into the chocolate, placing them on a plate or chopping board to set. Repeat this process to use up any extra chocolate. Enjoy once the chocolate has set or store in a container in the fridge for upto a week, or freeze for upto two months.

Love, Mrs H xx


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