Seven ingredient milk chocolate hobnobs

When I was little my brother and I used to have the loveliest Czech babysitter. As all little people do, we loved convincing adults to tell us swear words in different languages so that we could use them in the school playground or wherever without getting told off, so anyone who spoke a foreign language was a valuable resource to us. Our babysitter didn’t mind indulging us in our favourite pastime (anything to keep us occupied while our parents were out) so she taught us a couple of words. One such word was ‘hovno’ which is apparently Czech for ‘shit’, but the way she said it it sounded like ‘hobnob’ which to us was hilarious and of course it stuck. Continue reading


Gooey double chocolate peanut butter cookies

When Mr H and I went to New York a couple of months ago we had a huge list of things (mainly food related) that we wanted to pack in to our five day visit. My list included things like The Butcher’s Daughter  and Hu Kitchen and his included such culinary gems as Carnegie Deli and Levain Bakery. Now I know as well as the next woman that the secrets of a happy marriage are compromise and a well fed husband, plus here at D&H we believe in active avoidance (so whilst I might know that a piece of chocolate cake might make me feel rubbish tomorrow, I’ll have a couple of bites if I fancy it and not give myself a guilt trip for doing so), so I was happy to indulge him, and indeed as it turns out, myself. Continue reading

Six ingredient oatmeal raisin cinnamon cookies


I love making my own almond milk – it’s ridiculously cheap, so tasty, super easy and gives me the peace of mind that I know exactly what has gone in to the milk I’m pouring into my morning porridge or afternoon matcha latte. I used to feel a bit wasteful though throwing away all that almond pulp that gets left in the strainer, so I started thinking about what I could use it for. Continue reading

The best choc chip peanut butter (chickpea!) cookies 

Did you ever watch Sesame Street when you were little? Well I hope so, because if you didn’t then this little blurb is going to be lost on you, so feel free to skip down to the ingredients if you like. Back to the Street – I often feel like as an adult, I morph between Sesame Street’s characters on a daily basis like nobody’s business; some days I’m a happy-go-lucky Elmo, other days (particularly at certain times of the month) I will admit to having my Oscar the Grouch moments, and then there are the times when I turn into the Cookie Monster, and there’s only one thing that will satisfy my cravings.  Continue reading