Sticky pecan caramel shortbread

Pecans for me epitomise autumn, but I’m not sure why. Apparently they are indeed harvested in the autumn months, so it must be a tradition thing, as unlike fresh local produce you can still get them all year round. It’s funny as it’s not like any other nuts evoke such seasonal feelings, but I won’t dwell on that for too much longer.

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Mocha sandwich cookies

Coffee and chocolate. A pairing of dreams. I used to be a total coffee addict; I’d have three skinny lattes a day (minimum) and thought I couldn’t function without it. After going cold tofu (that’s the vegan version of cold turkey) I now can’t drink even one coffee without it sending me totally jittery and loop the loop loopy. Continue reading

Peanut butter choc chip blondies

One problem with both myself and my taste testing entourage being serious, hardcore chocolate addicts is that sometimes it can be hard to get unbiased feedback on my non-chocolatey recipes. It’s almost as if they’re slightly discriminated against. So when I decided to leave the cacao powder in the cupboard and whip up some blondies instead of brownies I wasn’t sure what kind of backlash I might face. Continue reading

Chocolate PB swirl frosting 

Chocolate? Or peanut butter? Chocolate? Or peanut butter? These are the kind of serious, real world, life changing quandaries I find myself having to answer on a daily basis when I’m deciding, for example, what flavour frosting my cupcakes are going to have. Well HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU my friends. I’ve only gone and come up with an easy way to enjoy both. Continue reading

Chocolate coconut quinoa Easter nests

Easter nests take me right back to my childhood (as I’m sure they do with everyone) so I’m very happy that I can make healthier ones for my little ones (OK lets face it and myself) these days. Christmas and Easter could totally be renamed winter Chocolate festival and spring festival part 2 in my house, because we seem to go a little chocolate overboard around those times of year. Not that there’s anything wrong with that I hasten to add. Just telling you guys how it is. Continue reading

Nut free chocolate fudge cake

So I know that you guys love my recipes because lots of you have cut out dairy/gluten/soy/refined sugar, but I do get a lot of requests for nut free recipes too. More and more people seem to be intolerant or allergic to nuts, and I don’t believe in excluding people, so I knew it was about time to hit you up with a nut free recipe that would blow your minds. Continue reading

Raw coconut brownie truffles

So this is all a bit weird isn’t it? But if we’re hanging out at home, the kids aren’t in school and the other half needs working from home snacks, then these are the real deal.

Fun to make with little ones, great to freeze for whenever you need them and insanely yummy. Only 6 ingredients and all things you can pop in your store cupboard too, so these really are the perfect little pick me up! Continue reading