How to make your meals man-friendly

In the words of Mrs H

I believe that the theory of evolution is a little flawed. I am aware this is a sweeping statement, but where most women seem to have evolved into the new-age goddesses we are today, many men are still stuck in the dark ages. Practically cavemen if you will. Let me illustrate this for you with an example of the conversation I have most days;

Me: “How was your day darling?”

Mr H: “grunt”

Me: “What shall we have for dinner my love?”

Mr H: “grunt”

Me: “OK how about [insert delicious, healthy, nutrition-packed meal idea]?”

Mr H: “hmmm, can I have some meat/carbs with that?”

So if your man is less homo sapiens and more homo erectus *giggles* here’s a couple of tips to keep them happy whilst (secretly) keeping them healthy;

Sub spaghetti for courgetti!

Unless you have been living in a sound-proof bunker with no wifi, you will have heard of the nifty little gadget that is the spiraliser. If you don’t have one, I urge you to get yourself on Amazon and get ordering! A spiraliser is the key to making what could have been a stodgy spaghetti into a cleansing courgetti. Once you’ve made your noodles (which will take you all of thirty seconds) you can eat them raw or lightly sautee them for a minute or two to warm them a little. Then top with your usual bolognaise or sauce of choice and voila! Perfection.

Dominos who? Make it a cauliflower pizza!

If it’s pizza he’s craving, let him indulge the D&H way! To make your base, you simply need one cauliflower, two eggs, a pinch of sea salt and 3tbsp of buckwheat flour. Stick the cauliflower in a food processor and process until it is almost like a flour. Put it in a bowl with the other ingredients (you can add any herbs and spices here, I like garlic, basil and oregano) and mix away. Line a baking tray with baking paper and brush with coconut oil before spooning on your dough. Smush it down all nicely until it’s around a centimetre thick, then place in the oven (at 180 degrees) for 20 minutes. Take out your pizza and add your toppings. Here’s where you get to freestyle – add whatever you like! I normally go for a chopped tomato base (flavoured with some basil, sea salt and garlic) and then top with whatever else takes my fancy! Here’s the best bit, you can do half and half with your other half if you can’t agree on toppings – that’s amore! Bake for another 15 minutes until the base is golden and enjoy!

It’s a wrap!

Arrrrrrriba! That’s the sound of fajita night amigo! This is one of my favourite dinners. First off, fry your peppers, onions and any meat in your spices of choice (I make my own fajita spice mix – fear not D&H readers, recipe to follow). Then whizz up some guacamole using 2 avocados, 1 tbsp olive oil and garlic, red onion, himalayan sea salt, cumin and coriander to taste, and heat a can of black beans on the hob until warm then mash up with a little cumin and salt. Put down those processed starchy tortillas and pick up an iceberg lettuce – it’s cheap, full of fibre, and won’t play havoc with your blood sugar levels. Remove the leaves one by one and get wrapping!

I quinoa believe it!

Stews, curries or stir fries; if you’ve cut out starchy foods or grains like rice it can be hard to create a filling meal for the man in your life. That’s where quinoa comes in – it’s low GI, high in fibre and contains all nine essential amino acids making it a complete protein as well as completely delish! To cook, boil as per instructions on the packet and serve. If I’m doing a stir fry, I like to pop my cooked quinoa in a frying pan with a little coconut oil, crack a couple of eggs into the middle and stir in as they cook – egg fried quinoa! It’s just divine.

So whilst men might be from Mars while women are from Venus, we at D&H hope that our simple swaps will help your worlds collide and your mealtimes be revolutionised. Plus, once you’ve banned the bloat-inducing stodge of yester-dinner you might both have room for dessert…

Love, D&H xx


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