About me

Hi there – welcome to Mrs Hollingsworth’s!

My name is Emma Hollingsworth, and I am passionate about healthy food and wellbeing. My mission (which I have of course chosen to accept) is to spread my love of clean eating and healthy lifestyles. A few years ago, after feeling sluggish, lethargic and generally rubbish, I embarked on a journey of active avoidance, positivity and self-acceptance.

I cut out all gluten, refined sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, chemicals and additives from my diet, instead opting for whole foods and fresh, organic produce. I got in the kitchen and started creating delicious recipes to replace those nasty foods of yester-year. I overhauled my exercise regime and got my body moving and my endorphins pumping. I reset my mindset, poured my glass half full and got happy.

In 2016 I qualified as a certified Health Coach (and had a baby!) and as well as opening my coaching practice I also began supplying local cafes and gyms with my healthy desserts. I now have a weekly stall at Hampstead Farmer’s Market in London, where I sell my famous ‘guilt-free sweet treats’! I also do bespoke dessert catering and cooking workshops, check out the pages above for more info!

I hope you love my recipes as much as I enjoy creating (and eating them) – and that’s a lot!


Mrs H xx



Housekeeping Rules
Just to let you know that although I am a certified Health Coach, I’m neither a doctor, a dietitician or a nutritionist (or an astronaut, but you probably guessed that). So please don’t shun your very clever doctor’s or health practitioner’s advice for any tips I may have on our website. I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. I’m so proud of this blog that I’m happy for you to share any of my posts, but please make sure to holla at me if you do! All my pictures and words are copyright apart from where otherwise explicitly stated. Boring bit done! Mrs H out.


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